Level5 Creative Group comprises a young, dynamic, tech-savvy and mobile creative team of specialists offering a holistic and unique blend of creative solutions in branding, print, web, interior design and new media.

Level5 has a colourful portfolio of clients – big and small, engaging industries from retail, hotel & hospitality, F&B, property development, manufacturing and corporate.

The creative team has an exceptional range of talent and experience. Combining these traits with passion, a fresh questioning attitude and a ?hands on’ approach, Level5 promises international quality work and out-of-the-box creative solutions.

Vernon ChanVernon hails from a creative background that spans over 13 years, and spearheads boutique creative hotshop – scratchdisk creative. He has worked with high-profile clients including the Hilton group of hotels, Swissotel, YTL Group, QSR Berhad (Pizza Hut, KFC, Ayamas), Kompakar, Sunway University College, Audi and Honda, just to name a few.

An avid blogger, Twitter-addict, technology freak, Steve Jobs groupie, Mac advocate, petrol-head, serial networker and future Enlightened Warrior, Vernon’s passion lies in cultivating creativity and long term relationships with his clients and business partners.

Vernon aspires to be a successful entrepreneur and ‘total designer’ – borderless design that transcends conventional graphic, environmental, product, interior, web, interactive and merchandising design. He takes inspiration from creative and successful people like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Dr Ivan Misner and Jeff Bezos.

When he is not networking weekly at BNI meetings with his chapter Rainmaker, Twittering, racing at Sepang, managing his blogs – vernonchan.com and The R3gister, Vernon enjoys his 20-hour days with multiple doses of lattes and plenty of humour.

Accolades include:

- Gold Award – Best Hotel Campaign AdAsia Asia Tourism Awards 2006

- Silver Award – Best Hotel Poster Campaign AdAsia Asia Tourism Awards 2006

Danny FooDanny is a creative web thinker who’s passion sparked back in 1996. Now, he and his partner heads the web agency – Simpleet Sdn Bhd (or Simpleet). Leading new generation clients reap the benefits of creating, marketing, communicating and retaining customers via the Internet. If they’re not found directly working with the client, they’re consulting them behind other agencies.

Doing what he loves doing, Danny jumps at every opportunity to share about the need of healthier website standards and wishes to spread his vision of having more a commendable website experiences – regardless of industry.

Simpleet to date have worked with CapitaMalls Asia, Nagamas International Bhd, The Institute Engineers of Malaysia, Lion Best (member of The Lion Group), Grolier Asia and BizIt Systems Pte. Ltd. (Singapore).

However, Danny wasn’t always a web geek. In his school days, he represented Selangor and Kuala Lumpur in swimming. At the height of his sporting career, he represented the country at Asia-Pacific level. Today, he much prefers a relaxing game of golf when given the chance.

Little can be found and said of Danny’s partner, more known as Hawk. Despite the anonymity, Hawk’s knowledge and talent in programming supersedes his abilities in flying. But, don’t take our word for it!

Wilfred TeeWilfred, founder and director of Wilfredstudios, is passionate about the use of flash in every thing that has a screen. With a technical background in Computer Science and the passion for beautiful designs, Wilfred is a proponent for rethinking and expanding the use of flash in everyday interactive media. Wilfred is now experimenting in Rich media Flash-based applications/kiosks, and even onto handheld devices when not working on immersive flash websites.

Wilfred loves bleeding-edge technology and utilising technology as a tool to advance clients’ business objectives and human-focused interaction with technology. Some clients that he has helped with online presence include Watatime (Luxury Watch Retail Chain), Johnmaster (Executive Business Apparel), and MAVCAP (Malaysia Venture Capital). He has also worked with award-winning Creative Director Johnnie Tey.

When not immersing himself in technology, he enjoys lap swimming, paperback fictions and travelling.

@wilfred : Flash done right does not come in the form of a Wilfred Tee (L5 CFO) 15-second intro that takes 15 minutes to load.

Khoo Juan LynJuan, RMIT (Melbourne) graduate, established boutique creative agency Paper Cut Sdn Bhd in 2004. From its humble beginnings, Paper Cut has grown from strength to strength with recognition in the industry.

Paper Cut is young but not to be mistaken for lack of experience nor expertise. “Young” in their context means fresh, fluid creative juices, promising to deliver lucid, impressive ideas.

Specialising in branding, graphic design, publications and print, this tiny but mighty creative agency has an impressive portfolio of clients which include Astro, Australian High Commission (Austrade), Sime Darby, Media Prima, Pantai Hospital, Clark Hatch, Cinema Online and Malaysian Institute of Management.

Juan finds inspiration through travelling and rummaging through junkyards in search of retired typewriters, magic lamps and fading posters. Oddly enough, switching between shutter-speed and aperture on her DSLR, getting a weekly dose of Japanese food and shameless hours of free online games keep her sane!

Intan MokhtarIntan Mokhtar is the Managing Partner of DesignLogix, an interior design firm that thinks like a brand consultant and a brand consultant that thinks like an interior designer.

With a penchant to create experiences out of a brand, Intan’s passion lies in translating the intangible benefits of a brand into one that can be experienced with most of one’s senses via interior design. More about constructing an environment that communicates the brand promise than repeating colors and shapes, Intan’s inquisitiveness for brands helps her creates interior spaces that enables consumers to ‘get it’ without realizing so.

Brand association is an incredibly powerful tool. More so than having a logo plastered on your chest, spatial experience allows one to immerse wholly in the brand, thus further propagating the association to the brand. Why else do people queue in New York’s blistering cold for entrance into Studio 54? Or for the 10th cup of Starbucks café latte in a day?

Having been immersed in the design and branding world for 15 years, she has managed to convert some clients like Maxis, Axiata, Xerox, Ericsson and CIMB, to brand champions. Her objective was to inspire to aspire and the mission was accomplished with these brave clients who have allowed her to move them out of their comfort zones.

When not doodling, Intan loves her catnaps and swears that it keeps her looking younger than her age. And when she’s not power-napping, she travelling and being intrigued by shapes, textures and the role of objects in people’s lives. She also has a small floor space with her name on it in Kinokuniya.